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Taking the time to customize a car means that car becomes an expression of our personality, our emotion and our unique taste as individuals. That customization process has gotten easier in recent years, with some manufacturers offering configurators that let you design your car before you even head out to the dealership. Now, Bentley has taken things a step further with what it calls The Inspirator.

The Inspirator is an app that is available on IOS devices that watches and records your emotional reaction through your device’s front-facing camera as you watch a series of stimulating videos. The videos and narrative change as you react positively or negatively, allowing the app to determine your preferences based on what stimulates you the most. After you’ve finished watching the video, the Inspirator forms a uniquely configured vehicle. In theory, the resulting vehicle should serve as a perfect starting point – with options you would like the most – in the configuration and personalization process.

Keven Rose, a Board Member for Sales and Marketing, has said “Configuring a Bentley is an intensely personal experience; it is a reflection of your personality and taste.” He continued “It provides intelligently curated responses which can be personalized further to truly make the car your own” It is certainly an interesting take on personalization and customization. If nothing else, it adds a bit of fun to the purchasing process. Currently, the Bentayga is the only model that can be customized with the Inspirator, but Bentley plans to add its entire lineup to the app in the near future.

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I think this is an awesome idea that gives a whole new meaning to customizing a vehicle. Once thing I wonder about, however, is what Bentley intends to do with the incoming recording of expressions from users of the app after they are done. Are the videos simply deleted and forgotten about, or will they remain the property of Bentley and be used for other purposes? I can envision executives loving the idea of reviewing user reactions to different options and features. Not that I’m saying there is some sinister plot hidden behind the Inspirator, but it would be an effective way to get in-depth insight to what people like and dislike without directly asking for their opinion.

Bentley Bentayga

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Read more about the Bentley Bentayga here.

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Personal style preferences can now be transformed into recommendation, with Bentley’s latest innovation: the Inspirator. The application monitors the users’ facial expressions and reactions and interprets them in order to configure the perfect Bentley for them.

Bentley Launches Inspirator App
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Utilising any iOS device’s camera function, the application’s facial and emotion recognition software measures and analyses the viewer’s emotion based on nuanced facial expressions. 34 facial landmarks are identified at 15 frames per second, as the viewer reacts to stimulating film content.

The accurate emotion metrics algorithms are built using the world’s largest emotion data repository – 3.4 million faces have been analysed in 75 countries amounting to more than 12 billion emotion data points.

The viewer’s reactions dictate a unique film narrative; the film changes according to what the user responds to most positively, but also deciphers their preferences, creating a unique configuration revealed at the end of the film.

The resultant configuration forms an inspiring starting point in the personalisation process, which users can then develop further thanks to the myriad bespoke options offered by Bentley.

A helpful guide supports the user during their journey through the configuration process. As the guide prompts the user to consider what kind of features and finishes best suit their lifestyle and preferences, evocative images representative of these flash across the screen.

Bentley Launches Inspirator App
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Kevin Rose, Board Member for Sales and Marketing, said: “Configuring a Bentley is an intensely personal experience; it is a reflection of your personality and taste. The Inspirator aims to understand the inspiration behind the process of specifying a car. It provides intelligently curated responses which can be personalised further to truly make the car your own.”

Currently available for the Bentayga only, the rest of the Bentley range will be included in the Inspirator in the coming months.

The Inspirator is available to download now at www.bentleymotors.com/inspirator or from the Apple App Store.

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