No, not just popular.


As in stolen.

Bentley’s have become status symbols in Russia: the GT with the younger set and the Arnage with executive types. The cheapest Bentley runs about $270,000. Prices go up from there. The Arnage runs about $470,000 and the extended length version of that car is one of the top sellers at the Moscow Bentley dealer.

According to that dealer, about 300 Bentleys are imported per year.

And, in Moscow, a rather substantial number of them are getting stolen.

Three Bentleys have been stolen in Moscow in the last two weeks, seven so far this summer. Only one has been recovered. 

The most recent theft occurred this past Thursday, when a Bentley belonging to a 25 year old unemployed woman was stolen while parked overnight. This prompted a reader on the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda to quip, “How terrible. Unemployed and he had her car stolen.”

Source: The Moscow Times website

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