If you saw the Concept back at the Geneva Motor Show then you know that the super car builder Bentley is preparing one of the most hardcore Continental GTs ever, well they are taking their duty to the environment very seriously and are developing this bio-ethanol version of their 200 MPH for luxury coupe.

Cars powered by bio-ethanol engines are capable of delivering more power because of the increased octane rating. Better yet, the fuel is made from renewable resources, so it is providing environmentally friendly energy. The Bentley Continental Super Sports keeps the familiar 12 cylinder engine in a “W”. The 6.0 Liter motor will deliver a maximum output of 630 HP and be the first Bentley of its kind.

However; the Continental Super Sports is more than just another GT that runs on 85% Ethanol. It has the added benefit of being 110 pounds lighter than the GT Speed, and can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in under 3.7 seconds, and reach 100 MPH in 8.9 seconds. But this green Bentley won’t stop until it hits 204 MPH.


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  (231) posted on 05.13.2009

The bio-Bentley for high-speed eco-geeks starts at $267,000,with gas guzzler tax and delivery charges, the total comes in around $275,000. Now this is the real problem expect world corn commodities prices to skyrocket as demand on ethanol is about to seriously outpace supply. Now where’s my butter?

  (318) posted on 05.13.2009

Bentley means real effort here for environment protection. And I hope that more and more car manufacturers will think of going green with more power.

  (421) posted on 05.13.2009

Bio-ethanol is a very environment friendly alternative fuel source. I hope Bentely can come up with EV’s which will consume ethanol as alternative fuel for the engine. Combining both technology in one super car.

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