• Bernie Ecclestone releases 2009 ’F1 parody’ Christmas cards

Christmas season brings about a lot of good in our lives. From presents to well-wishes, the holiday season is always a time that a lot of us look forward too. And if there’s one thing that we are all secretly excited about for this time of the year, it’s to have a chance to get a hold off Bernie Ecclestone’s Christmas cards.

Bernie Ecclestone releases 2009 'F1 parody' Christmas cards
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Known for his wicked sense of humor, the big boss of Formula One has
finally released the 2009 edition of his annual personalized holiday cards. If you have no idea what we’re fussing about, Ecclestone has a habit of making a parody of any scandal that plagued Formula One in that particular season on his Christmas cards.

A few years ago – 2007, to be specific – Ecclestone’s Christmas cards featured an obviously anxious Ron Dennis receiving a present from ex- chief designer Mike Coughlan; an obvious lampoon of the 2007 Ferrari-McLaren spying scandal that cost McLaren all of their constructors’ points for that year.

Last year’s version of his holiday cards featured former FIA President Max Mosley ‘spanking’ all of the F1 bosses with a whip with Ecclestone himself standing in the back handing out sticking plasters. These cards were ‘inspired’ by ‘SpankGate’, the sex scandal Mosley found himself bitterly embroiled in last year.

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This year, with Formula One having been involved in yet another controversy, aka ‘CrashGate’, Ecclestone made no bones about who he was satirizing for the 2009 edition of his holiday cards: ex-Renault chief Flavio Briatore.

In it, you’ll see three departing figureheads in Formula One – Mosley, BMW head Mario Theissen and his Toyota counterpart John Howett – on-board a yacht and sailing off into the sunset with the remaining F1 bosses bidding them adieu from a nearby pier. In the distant, you’ll see Flavio Briatore in a small, wooden and pirate flag-adorned boat holding a rocket launcher aimed straight towards Mosley, Theissen, and Howell.

We’re pretty sure Ecclestone means no ill will towards the people he mocks in his annual Christmas cards. After all, for a man who’s known being a tad too mischievous, making fun of other people is nothing new to him.

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