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Alright, let’s not beat around the bush – there have been plenty of crowd-attacking car crashes that didn’t involve the Ford Mustang. But, those involving the Mustang seem to linger around the internet, continuously reminding the one responsible just how stupid they were and what a costly mistake they made. So, in light of the World’s love for Mustang fails, I’ve decided to compile a few videos of some of the more interesting crashes. I originally set out to focus primarily on fails that happened at Cars & Coffee meets, however, I did find a couple worth sharing that didn’t involve a crowd that soiled themselves.

Before we get into the videos, though, I want to be clear about something for all of you haters out there. I’m not dogging on the Mustang. I’ve driven the current-gen model, and it’s an absolute blast to drive (I didn’t crash, by the way) but you could color me guilty for hating on the drivers who fail to realize they have absolutely no skill behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are no injuries shown in the following videos, aside from the bruised ego of the various Mustang owners and the cars themselves, but there are a couple of close calls.

With that said, let’s have a little bit of fun and look back at some of the more interesting Mustang fails of 2016.

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Cars & Coffee Dallas, Texas February 2016

I chose this one first because, well, it kicked off the year as far as Mustang crashes go, and it’s a simple transition into the topic as there was very little damage to the Mustang, and aside from the camera guy, there doesn’t appear to be anyone in imminent danger. However, you’ll see the police show up sirens blaring almost immediately after the car comes to a halt, so the driver walked away with a damaged car, broken ego, and (probably) a nice citation for reckless driving. Check it out:

Probably on the Way to a Car Meet

This one didn’t exactly happen at a car meet, but the fail itself is pretty dramatic. This guy had a rolling start, but once he jumps on it, he quickly loses control. I’m assuming the other people on the road knew there was a car meet somewhere close as you’ll notice the car recording the video and at least one truck in the oncoming lane had the reaction needed to avoid disaster. It’s hard to say what happened to the white car that was originally targeted by the Mustang but given the sound quality; it doesn’t sound like it was hit very hard. Anyway, click play to watch this mustang take off, aim at some oncoming vehicles, then park itself in some trees. This happened on a state road in Trinity, Florida and was posted on February 18, 2016.

Lake Forest Sports Car Event October 2016

This one isn’t quite as dramatic as the last, and there wasn’t any damage to any other vehicle aside from the Mustang itself. There is a couple that was originally in the Mustang’s sites, but they did manage to avoid catastrophe. To be honest, you really don’t expect this Mustang to go crazy as it was initially driving fairly slow. But, the driver jumped on it at the last minute and, next thing you know, it’s the newest edition to a group of bushes. And, that’s lucky for the driver too, after all, he wasn’t far off from that electrical junction box just behind those bushes.

Cars & Coffee Chicago, April 2016

This video finds the crowd out of harm’s way, for the most part, but as for the mustang and the white car waiting to turn, things didn’t turn out so well. This is a double whammy, though, because the video starts off with an Audi showing the Mustang how to showboat without trying to kill anyone, but the Mustang turns into a heat-seeking missile and nails a Hyundai Sonata. According to comments on the video, nobody was seriously injured, but the Hyundai is most definitely a total loss. The Mustang may have been in condition to be repaired, but the driver’s ego will take some time to heal, as will his bank account after the reckless driving ticket he probably got and the insurance rate increase that he undoubtedly experienced after this fail. Nice going, Bro.

Cars & Coffee, Houston, Texas October 2016

I always like to save the best for last, and this is, by all means, the closest a Mustang has come to mass murder this year. I was able to find two different videos of this incident. One is longer while the other is short and shows the exact opposite perspective. As usual, the driver in the Mustang thinks he’s Mario Andretti and quickly learns the hard way that he has zero skill. Luckily for him, there was a small curb at the end of his wild ride, otherwise several people and, as you’ll see in the second video below, at least three kids could have been seriously injured. Luckily that didn’t happen, but this specific driver was labeled as “Douchebag of the Week,” and for good reason. See, not only did he almost kill a handful of people, but after the crash, he gets out and starts waving his hands around with a big stupid grin on his face. Is this becoming a sport? Is it fun for Mustang owners to crash? I don’t think that’s the usual case, but this guy was pretty proud of himself. In the first video, you’ll see that the mustang took some rear end damage but is otherwise unharmed. But, what’s with the younger guy flashing around some kind of weird little badge? Anyway, check out both videos to get both perspectives.


And there you have it, five of the most interesting Mustang crashes I could find from this year. At the end of the day, this stuff is bound to happen, as not everybody is as good a driver as they think they are. But, It’s so interesting to see that Mustang fails are so widely publicized while other crashes involving other models don’t even get the light of day. After all, there have been a number of crashes at meets involving Camaros and Corvettes. I even saw one crash that involved a BMW. But these cars just don’t get the same attention as the Mustang. Either way, stay vigilant at car meets – you never know when a car is going to turn into a crowd seeking missile hell bent on death and destruction. Happy New Year!

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