The AutoWeek editorial staff will announce its Editors’ Choice Award winners for the 2007 Tokyo International Motor Show in its November 12 issue.

For more than a decade, the editors of the weekly automotive-enthusiast magazine have scoured show floors in Detroit, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo, selecting winners in four categories: Best in Show, Best Concept, Most Significant and Most Fun.
The 2007 AutoWeek Editors’ Choice Award winners for the Best of Tokyo are:

Best of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show
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BEST IN SHOW: Nissan GT-R- "This is the super car everyone has been waiting for since Nissan officials announced in 2001 that they would re-create the icon," said AutoWeek Editor and Associate Publisher Dutch Mandel. "A twin-turbocharged, 3.8-liter V6 pushes this coupe to a top speed of 193 mph and from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The great news for the U.S. is that Nissan will finally bring this flagship to our shores."

Best of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show
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BEST CONCEPT: Mazda Taiki- "This aero-efficient sports car blends the best of the last three Mazda show cars with the company’s next-generation Wankel rotary engine: a power plant that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. It sets the way for the future front-engine, rear-drive sports car."

Best of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show
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MOST SIGNIFICANT: Honda CR-Z- "Here’s a car that finally reintroduces passion and emotion in a legendary vehicle that is also powered by alternative sources. The CR-Z is very much the spiritual successor to Honda’s beloved CRX, a subcompact rocket from the past."

Best of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show
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MOST FUN: Suzuki X-Head- "It’s every kid’s Tonka toy come to life. It’s boxy, it’s burly, it’s bright yellow and looks as though it wants to haul heavy loads through woods. It’s what happens when Suzuki builds a Hummer."

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