As if Ferrari and Swiss luxury watch make Hublot don’t have enough limited-edition timepieces out on the market, the two luxury brands are at it again with the unveiling of the Big Bang Ferrari 305, the latest and potentially greatest exclusive timepiece created by Hublot and Ferrari specifically for the former’s Miami boutique in Bal Harbour.

The Big Bang Ferrari 305 will come in two different variants, King Gold and Titanium, and will feature, among other things, a 45-mm case with red, white, and blue embellishments prominently featured in the straps, counters, hands, and minute tracks of the watch.

Look a little closer and you’ll also notice a chronograph pusher at 4 o’clock that carries Ferrari’s logo. On the other end, right beside 9 o’clock, the unmistakable Prancing Horse logo can also be clearly seen. Meanwhile, the case-back of the Big Bang Ferrari 305 comes with an engraving that depicts the specific number of each of the watches. The numbers run from 0 to 25 for the King Gold version and from 26 to 50 for the Titanium version.

All 50 Big Bang 305 watches have a power reserve of 72 hours and are water resistant of up to 100 meters. Likewise, Hublot is adding interchangeable blue and black leather on rubber straps for each of the 50 limited-edition pieces.

The Big Bang Ferrari 305 will make for a great Christmas gift, that much I can tell you. The only problem is Hublot hasn’t announced how much each of these extravagant timepieces will sell for. If you want to know, you’ll have to request the price from Hublot itself. That or you can safely assume that it’s going to cost you more than a pretty penny.

Remember, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari USA 60th Anniversary watch Hublot unveiled in October 2014 to commemorate Ferrari’s 60th anniversary in the U.S. came with a price tag of $43,600 per piece. Logic dictates that we should all expect a similar price for the Big Bang Ferrari 305s.

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Why it matters

There’s a prevalent thought that if you want the best things in life, you better be able to pay an arm and a leg for it. Don’t take it in a literal sense, but luxury items don’t come cheap, and the special-edition Big Bang Ferrari 305 timepiece from Hublot definitely qualifies as a luxury item.

But personally speaking, I belong in that group who doesn’t see the value of spending that much money on a watch when there are other means available to check the time. You know, like my smartphone. That’s just me.

I’m also not taking it against anybody who feels the opposite way and believes that spending over $40,000 to buy an exclusive timepiece made by one of the finest Swiss luxury watch makers in the world and is a licensed product by Ferrari is a worthwhile investment. Those who think this purchase is worth it are well within their rights to make the splurge if they want to. Heck, I showed the watch to my brother and he’s now insisting I get him that for Christmas. Not happening, bro.

But if I was given a choice, I’d probably just spend that scratch on a new Ford Mustang GT. Not only would I have enough change left to buy an assortment of options and aftermarket goodies for my new muscle car, but I’d also get a clock that comes with the Mustang GT.

That’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Big Bang Ferrari 305 By Hublot
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Source: Hublot

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