Imagine if Ferrari made you a custom wallet that was as futuristic and modern as the LaFerrari supercar. There is a good chance that it may look like the Billetus. The Billetus is a minimalist wallet form the mind of Dennis Kaping that uses modern exotic materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium to create a unique and bold minimalist wallet that has lots of visual substance with very little weight.

The wallet comes in two flavors. The first is the solid-aluminum Billetus Minimus that holds five cards and five folded bills, while the larger Billetus Maximus adds carbon fiber and titanium to the build sheet and will hold seven to eight cards comfortably as well as five bills. What makes the Billetus wallet unique from other minimalist wallets is its rigid structure and compact dimensions. The stiff shell structure means that it will hold its shape permanently, and it won’t swell with every item you place in it. It also has notably smaller than other designs of this nature. At 9.5 mm (0.37 inches) thick for the larger Billetus Maximus, it is only slightly thicker than a modern smartphone like the Samsung Glalaxy S5 or the iPhone 5c.

If this wallet sounds like something you would be interested in buying, it needs your help to make it to the market. The project is currently on Kickstarter, and it is $4,000 away from its goal. There are 35 days left before the funding period ends, so there is plenty of time for you to get your pledge in. Pledges range from just $5 all the way up to $575. The smallest donation to secure yourself a Billetus Minimus is $45, and you can get a Maximus for a pledge of $105.

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Billetus Maximus in detail

Billetus: The Carbon-Fiber Billet Wallet Products
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Billetus: The Carbon-Fiber Billet Wallet Products
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Billetus: The Carbon-Fiber Billet Wallet Products
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The Maximus has a unique design that I find intelligent and intriguing. The basic construction is a single shell with a money clip on top that is made of carbon fiber and a single loose plate in the middle. The pressure from the carbon money clip on top keeps the plate locked into the shell, but allows for the plate to move upward with every card you place inside. This system allows the user to have as many or as few cards as he wants, without every worrying about the storage space becoming "loose" and dropping cards. Simple and smart.

Source: kickstarter

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