According to the well-known Forbes magazine, the billionare Suleiman Kerimov has a personal property of 7,1 billion dollars, enough to place itself on the 72° place on the list of the richest men of the world and to the eleventh place between the Russians rich-mans . Being born in the province of the Daghestan, to the boundary with it tormented Cecenia, Kerimov is a shareholder of Gazprom, the Russian giant of the energy, and of Sberbank, the most large Russian bank. It monitors also the Polymetal, society in the area of the mines of silver, that will be registrated to the stock market in January. 

Black Enzo wreck for sale.Buyers?
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Knowing all this things, the Russian billionare author of an extraordinary performance, damaging the poor Ferrari Enzo (a sublime work titled "Enzo flambe"), have decided to put an auction on Ebay with the scraps of the supercar from Maranello.It will be also true that around to the Ferrari brand all it becomes business and as we know that are many crazy collectionars prepared to have a milion dollar wreek in the back-yard.So we have to expect Suleiman to get rid of his black Enzo soon.

We imagine however that Kerimov is searching for a substitute. 

Black Enzo wreck for sale.Buyers?
- image 140598
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