The original "Black Stig" was killed off after the second series of Top Gear, reportedly due to his identity (Perry McCarthy) getting leaked. Last month the White Stig was outted, so does that mean he’s out?

This video may be trying to put a little mystery back into the legend of the Stig(s). Is the Black Stig back from the dead? Is the BBC just puling a publicity stunt? Is this just a few creative people with the camera (good job with the one glove detail)? It will take time for the full story to be revealed, so for now just enjoy a fun video of the return of the Black Stig!


What do you think?
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  (2) posted on 02.6.2009

i doubt tht is true, i would b kwl if it was but am sure topgear would have mentioned it in some way besides did topgear actually confirm who the white stig is, or are people just main stupid claims?

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