If you can find a car manufacturer that has had a more successful time crossing over into making mainstream items than Ferrari, then we’d love to know who it is.

Blackbird ties-up with Ferrari to create carbon fiber travel guitar
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The latest brainchild of Ferrari – and one that is quite a ways away from supercars – is a carbon fiber guitar, which it created in partnership with Blackbird.

The Blackbird Rider Ferrari Edition carbon fiber guitar was created by Joe Luttwas, who, incidentally, spent some years working for Ferrari. In addition to being lightweight, compact, crisp sounding, the guitar comes with some pretty noticeable designs that are well and truly inspired by the Prancing Horse, including a red interior, a red A string, and obviously, a Ferrari insignia on the head of the guitar.

Before you start fawning over this guitar, we do have to say that, unfortunately, all of the guitars – which, by the way, was autographed by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa - have already sold out. Don’t worry though; we do have a video of the Blackbird Rider Ferrari Edition carbon fiber guitar in all its musical glory.

It’s not a lot, but hey, at least it’s something.

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Blackbird Guitars releases a Ferrari version of the Iconic Rider Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

San Francisco - Inspired by the technology, style, and spirit of the famed Italian "supercar" manufacturer, Blackbird Guitars’ brings you the limited-edition Ferrari-branded "Rider". The ultra-rare Ferrari Blackbird guitars were sold at Ferrari Stores worldwide and signed by F1 drivers Philipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Based on Blackbird Guitars’ high-performance Rider travel guitar, it is the first instrument fit for the Ferrari namesake. Like Ferrari, it is a study in superlatives-among the most resonant, durable and lightest guitars in the world. The Rider travel guitar is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a sports car, but it plays and sounds like a much bigger instrument. It looks like nothing else on the market: sleek, black carbon fiber speaks to the high-tech materials and construction while the exclusive Maranello Red interior, accented red A string, and Ferrari Scuderia emblem highlights the passion of world-class Italian motoring.

Blackbird ties-up with Ferrari to create carbon fiber travel guitar
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Blackbird Guitars blends traditional guitar-making with design and construction inspired by Formula 1 race cars. The guitar features a one-piece, hollow neck, carbon fiber construction-and a unique sound port at the head directly influenced by F1 race car design. The high-performance Ferrari pedigree is more than just show-designer and Blackbird founder Joe Luttwak worked for the storied car manufacturer in Maranello, Italy. This experience laid the foundation for this thoroughbred of a guitar, inspired by Ferrari’s unque commitment to technology, style, and performance. "Great acoustic guitar construction, like great race car construction, benefits from stiff and ultra light materials. Using carbon fiber, like Ferrari’s Formula 1 race cars, for the guitar’s uni-body design produces an instrument that sounds better and is much more durable than any travel guitar available today. Many ideas for Blackbird Guitar’s models were inspired by my time at Ferrari, and it’s wonderful to make a model that honors their unparalleled technology, ingenuity and success."

All Blackbird Rider models are built for the road with a virtually indestructible carbon-fiber body that is less than two-thirds the size of a standard acoustic, but has nearly an equivalent tone-so players no longer need to compromise tone for portability. Each Blackbird Rider is beautifully hand-crafted, with the carbon fiber expertly constructed to balance tone, weight and strength.

The first run of the exlusive Ferrari guitar series is now sold out, but Blackbird Guitars is accepting special, custom orders on the Rider model. Blackbird Guitars are made in San Francisco by a small team of luthiers by the Bay. The world’s best travel guitars, the Rider steel and Rider Nylon, now start at $1499. The Blackbird family also includes the larger Super OM.
To learn more visit www.blackbirdguitars.com

Key Features of the Blackbird Rider:
* Exceptional Carbon Fiber strength and environmental stability
* Hollow neck with Stereo Sound Port® in head of the guitar
* Asymmetric Acoustic Design® with off-set sound-hole
* Ultralight for enhanced sound, comfort and balance
* Full scale length (24.5")
* 3D sculpted back for improved ergonomics, playability & durability
* Optional electronics for amazing amplified tone
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Source: Blackbird Guitars

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  (858) posted on 01.18.2010

If I have the money that time, I will definitely buy that car but I think I will wait for it to auction, no one knows what will happen. The blackbird surely have a nice sound that really gets the attention of everyone when you’re playing it. I’m curious why Ferrari collaborates with a music instrument.

  (1022) posted on 12.22.2009

Damn the guitar is good and I want 1 for myself. I’m so envious to the first batch who have gotten the blackbird and thinking the sound quality of that guitar.

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