Blastolene Special

What happens when you take an engine from a tank and put it in to a car? You create something special, you create the Blastolene Special and you sell it to who else than Jay Leno!

This car that looks like a roadster on steroids was build by Randy Grubb. He used a 29-liter WWII M47 Patton tank engine that produces 810bhp (@2800rpm) and 1560 pound-feet (@2400rpm) of torque and an aluminum and wood body obtaining a car that weighs only 9500 pounds which is 1/11th the weight of the original tank from which the engine was used.

At the beginning there were some problems with the Blastolene Special, but after the implication of Jay Leno the car was a success. Thanks to his recommendations the car has an Allison HD4060 6-speed transmission, the engine was powered up to 1600 horsepower and they even succeeded an astonishing 5 mpg.


Weight - 9500 pounds
Length - 252 inches
Transmission - 6-speed Allison automatic
0 to 60 mph - 6.2 seconds
Quarter Mile - 14.7 seconds @ 93 mph
Top Speed – 140mph+

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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

The vehicle looks like a skeleton car. It has no exterior body to cover the engine of the car. It a great innovation to put a tank engine in a simple car.

  (555) posted on 02.21.2010

I have seen Jay Leno drive this car in this one car show and it is pretty huge and long. It shows a lot of class and it is very unique. Well, it is alone in this world right. Jay Leno has a pretty cool collection of cars. He must be that rich to be able to afford such cars.

  (70) posted on 06.11.2008

That is a big car. Also know by the name "Tank Car".

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