• Blind affected by hybrid and electric vehicles

Blind affected by hybrid and electric vehicles
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Gasoline engines emit far less noise compared to diesels but modern diesel engines employ a host of technological features which has muted it to a much quieter level.

The Priuses and Civics have become a common sight on U.S roads today and electric cars aren’t far behind, full credit to mounting gas prices. Electric vehicles generate absolutely no sound when in operation except for a little tire noise, and hybrids will make a librarian blush when driven confining to city speed limits.

Roads with minimum noise pollution would be easy on the ears and the blood pressure for all of us, but on the same hand, would be the worst nightmare for the blind. The sound which originates from a moving vehicle is the only means through which a blind person is able to assess the distance, speed and direction of an oncoming automobile. His or her safety entirely depends on sound which also is the difference between life and death for the person. The driver of a car may or may not be alert at all times and at tight corners or high-speed intersections, the risk is multiplied.

Accidents involving hybrid vehicles and blind people have reached an alarming juncture in the U.S. The best solution to eradicate this problem, says the U.S National Federation of the Blind, is by prescribing a minimum sound standard for all vehicles sold in U.S.A.

Now that Automakers have not yet come up with a proper solution, we would like you to help them out by suggesting the best fix for this problem begging for immediate action.


Source: Canadian Driver

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  (520) posted on 06.26.2008

this is a big problem not only for the blind people, but for everyone that is not careful when crossing the road especially the children!

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