Remember the time when Volvo invited artist Esref Armagan to its company headquarters in Sweden to paint the new 2011 S60 executive sedan?

It took some time but finally, Armagan has finished his take on the new car. But while that whole thing would have been simple for any other artist, the catch is, Armagan painted the S60 despite being blind.

But of course that didn’t stop him from creating a remarkable depiction of the still-mysterious design. Even more amazing is that Volvo has decided to auction off Armagan’s painting with all the proceeds going straight to the World Blind Union.

According to Lukas Dohle, director of Live Communication and Social Media of Volvo, the whole experience of working with Armagan was nothing short of memorable. "It was an amazing experience to work together with Esref Armagan. He truly embraces life and we think that his approach matches exactly how we at Volvo embrace life. Through this auction and the donation to World Blind Union we will take this rewarding corporation even one step further.”

The auction is available on eBay and will start at 8 pm EST on December 7 until December 17.

We appreciate a good artwork when we see one and given his disability, Armagan’s work left out jaws on the floor, proving yet once more that despite the cards you’re dealt, nothing is impossible if you don’t let the negativity take you down.


Source: eBay

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  (798) posted on 02.3.2010

I’d say that looks a pretty good painting coming from a blind dude. I can’t even paint like that even if I can see. I do hope that it gets an expensive bid as it will go to charity anyways. I wonder if he can paint a Ferrari as well as it will surely sell a lot too.

  (571) posted on 12.15.2009

"To paint with eyes that can see are that hard especially on a blind person". But I’m truly inspired on his works. Even if he’s blind he had the finest touch of creating good design especially a car painting. A salute for this artist.

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