Apparently, car people who blog on the internet have eyes. The initial reaction among bloggers to in the new Jaguar XF has been almost universally negative. Jalopnik led off with a critical review of the new car’s appearance, dramatizing how bland, bloated and tepid it appears by framing the picture directly below that of the concept car on which it was supposedly based.
Now 4DriversOnly has weighed in with a sampling of comments from around the internet, such as this one from CAR: “Oh dear, Jag gets it wrong again. This is mainstream and undistinguished from the mob. Exceptional eye-appeal is what USED to make a Jag. Not this one." And this one from Motor Authority: "What on earth have they done[?]"
But Jalopnik said it best: Toyota called. They want their Camry mold back."

What do you think?
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  (6023) posted on 03.10.2008

The new XF is an XKR in a mu mu.
A jaguar desingned by a Sunni.
No thanks.

tango  (372) posted on 09.3.2007

I suppose Jaguar can’t win over everybody. I personally think it’s a good direction for Jaguar to go in. Redfining the "Jaguar" look and making the S-Type’s replacement far from the memory of those who were previously not convinced. Many cars look bland in pictures but take off flying in real life. Many of the current Buicks are like that.

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