Bloodhound SSC is basically a 1,000 mph, land-based compendium of mind-blowing facts and figures: 135,000 horsepower, 0 to 1,000 mph in 55 seconds, a fuel pump powered by a Jaguar V8 engine, and solid aluminum wheels that spin at 10,000 rpm. If fired straight into the air, its EJ220 jet and hybrid rocket engines would take it 25,000 feet into the atmosphere. It’s far too much to list here, but read up on it when you get a chance to continue being amazed.

It’s a massively complicated project that’s been several years in the making, but as the team gets closer to starting initial trial runs later in 2015, things are quite literally beginning to come together. This new time-lapse video is a quick primer on how to build a 1,000 mph land-speed record breaking car. Here, we get to see the massive tail fin being fabricated, the fuselage taking shape, miles of wiring connecting… uh… stuff, and driver slash Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green getting comfy in the cockpit. We really can’t wait to see what this thing can do.

Bloodhound SSC

2014 Bloodhound SSC High Resolution Exterior
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