Ever since man invented the automobile we have developed an insatiable thirst for speed, and while cars have come a long way in a little over a century of continuous improvements and the vehicles of today bare little resemble to their ancestors their purpose remains the same. The current land speed record stands at 760 MPH and belongs to the English built Thrust SSC, however that might not last for too long because the same team of speed freaks are working on a super sonic car that will go 1000 MPH. The team’s first attempt will will take place on the Hakskeen Pan, a 10 mile stretch of dried up salt bed in South Africa, and they plan on doing it in 2011.

Bloodhound SSC - or how to hit 1000 MPH
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Unlike the Thrust’s Rolls Royce turbines, the new car called the Bloodhound SSC, will be powered by an EJ200 jet engine from a Eurofighter Typhoon that delivers an amazing 133,150 HP worth of thrust. Doing a little math we deduce that it is equivalent to the output of around 180 Formula One cars. While that truly is like strapping yourself onto a rocket, the land speed record holder, RAF fighter pilot Andy Green has shown that he can be cool under pressure. With an all new design and a more powerful engine setup, the Bloodhound SSC is sure to set a few records.


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  (806) posted on 04.27.2010

This rocket is designed to reach approximately 1000 miles per hour. Imagine how fast that could be.

  (939) posted on 03.4.2010

@ memphisroyce i also think of that memphis, how much g force and how much fun you can achieve with that kind of speed.

  (428) posted on 02.21.2010

True that. Men will race anything that has wheels or anything that has an engine. It must have been really difficult to be at that speed. A thousand miles per hour, now that must have been a great experience. I wonder how many G force the driver acquired at that speed.

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