Drivers who purchase a 2008 BMW 1 Series will be reminded that they are one of the few lucky drivers of the next BMW icon every time they start or stop their cars. Each 2008 BMW 1 Series, both coupe and convertible models, will be equipped with a specially engraved Start/Stop button with the inscription: “Year One of the 1”.

The engraved Start/Stop button is one of several notable initiatives to be announced celebrating the launch of the new BMW 1 Series in America next spring. Appearing exclusively in the 2008 calendar year 1 Series models coming to the U.S., the “Year One of the 1” button was created by the same team of BMW designers who designed the 1 Series.

“Forty years ago, BMW introduced a car, the legendary 2002, that changed the American automotive landscape. That car was a pivotal car in the history of BMW and is still revered by aficionados today. We believe the 1 Series will be as important to the history of BMW in America,” said Jack Pitney, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America.

“The ‘Year One of the 1’ Start/Stop button is a way to directly engage our customers with a simple message of celebration each time they get behind the wheel of their new 1 Series,” continued Pitney. “Our ‘Year One of the 1’ activities will incorporate several elements that will celebrate this historic launch. The specially engraved Start/Stop button is just one of the many things we will announce as we approach the launch next year.”

The new 1 Series, which draws inspiration from the legendary BMW 2002 of 1968 with a focus on pure performance, will be available as a Coupe and Convertible. In addition to premium design, the 1 Series features rear-wheel-drive dynamics, agile handling, powerful 6 cylinder engines and seating for four.

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pdaix  (431) posted on 11.12.2007

From what I heard from inside source ti seems the 1 series is a huge success smiley and it seems they will be sold out rather quickly. Lots of people dream about a BMW under 30k and it is finally here so why not putting the 3 or 4k more and not get a Golf. I am all for it, and have you heard of the ti model ? 300horse in a 1 serie coupe !

tango  (372) posted on 11.12.2007

I’ve been wrong about BMW many times in my life. With the arrival of every Chris Bangle vehicle I predicted disaster. Wrong. With the introduction of the Mini I predicted that it would be stale when it was launched. Wrong. I’ll be honest and say I don’t like the 1-series coupe and I am not going to call it an icon just yet. But, being wrong about BMW is my legacy so here we go again...

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