BMW may be going ahead with plans to sweeten the 1-Series. Reports are indicating that there may be a special edition of the 135i in 2010 that could make up to as much as 330 hp (30 more than standard). This car would also feature upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes, unique body kit and lightweight carbon fiber panels.

Sounds like a job for a “M” car right? Well maybe not. The car is rumored to carry “Motorsport” badging (although Motorsport is exactly what “M” stands for in the hot BMWs, “Motorsport” never gets used on the insignia.) Plus BMW can’t call it the “M1” because that’s already been used in it’s history to mark a very different kind of car (and it may be making a comeback.) If BMW was really wise about the naming the car it would stick with the “tii” from the concept, which goes back to the classic 2002 model.

But the name doesn’t matter as long as the car makes it to the production line. There is still is a long way to go in an uncertain economy before the 2010 model year.


Source: Bimmerfile

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