Our friends at Autocar have managed to snap a few shots of the future baby Bimmer, the 1 Series wearing BMW’s familiar digital camera confusing camouflage. From the photo it looks like BMW will finally be bringing out the long awaited hatchback version of the 1.

BMW is currently going though extensive testing of the next generation 1 Series so that when it goes on sale in 2011, it will be perfect. The littlest BMW will be offered in both five and three-door configurations as well as the coupe and convertible versions that are currently being offered. There is also talk of the German automaker producing a factory tuned M badged version. The only complication there is what the Bavarian automaker will call the little hot rod; as the wedge shaped, mid-engine super car that started the whole BMW Motor sport craze in the late 1970s, already owns the M1 title.

The new BMW 1-Series will feature a redesigned front end; with larger, more upright kidney grilles that were inspired by the new 5-Series GT. Under the hood BMW will use a wide range of turbocharged power plants displacing anywhere from 1.4 to 3.0 Liters.


Source: AutoCar

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