As reported at the beginning of the month, BMW is preparing a Motorsport version for the future 1-Series. The folks over at AutoBild took some of the current 1-Series car elements and mixed it with some classic elements of the 2000 and 2002 model cars to come up with this rendering.

Some speculation has this car as just a special edition of the 135i model. But AutoBild thinks the car may be more purpose-built. Possibly this car could come with no rear seats, a carbon roof like the M3 and lightweight doors and dampers. The engine could be a turbocharged 2.0 or 2.2-liter four cylinder making 300 hp. While that is the same power as in the 135i, the weight savings from the lighter materials, removed equipment and smaller engine would still give the car exceptional performance.

The name for this little hot one is still a little disputed. It cannot be called the M1 because that already holds another place in BMW’s history. So other possible names could be Motorsport, Super Sport or (fingers crossed) tii. No matter what it’s called, we would be very happy to have this car on American shores. BMW built its reputation on four-cylinder engines, so it would be nice for the U.S. to have the option of at least one four-banger...especially one this cool.


Source: Autobild

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