The Bmw 3 Series Concept is a project that previews a possible future design direction for the brand, with an original and complex surface language. The designer is Coventry graduate Benedetto Bordone.

BMW 3 Series Concept by Benedetto Bordone
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Created by Benedetto Bordone, the BMW 3 Series concept was "designed to realistically preview where BMW Design could go next with their design direction for their Core Models."

The surfacing for the body has been inspired by the human forms of an athlete.

BMW 3 Series Concept by Benedetto Bordone
- image 248294

The design emphasizes the typica BMW characteristics of lean strength and "highlights the brand’s role at the forefront of what is possible in automotive sculpturing", as Benedetto explains.

Several characterizing design details were inspired by modern architecture.


Source: Car Body Design

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