After revealing their first attempt at a modern GT at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW 6 Series GT has been confirmed for 2011. While the Bavarian auto makers are planning a similar treatment for the baby bimmer, the 3 Series that should see the light of day sometime in 2013.

Sized somewhere between an SUV and a wagon, the future BMW 3 Series GT will be with 15 inches longer than the standard model and offer the added bonus of more headroom due to the shooting brake layout.

New to the future BMW 3 Series line-up will be a 340i, powered by a 326 HP six cylinder. On the other hand, the future BMW 1-Series, built on the same platform in order to reduce costs, will receive the sport wagon treatment.


Source: Auto Motor Und Sport

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  (137) posted on 05.6.2009

For a more family centered man and for those who needs more space yet would like to keep the elegance and the felicity of driving, this car is for you. We can wait until 2013 to finally see the 340i in the 3 series.

  (137) posted on 05.6.2009

This car will still be using the v6 platform but of course what we must expect is the 340i crossover of a wagon and SUV powered by 326 HP six cylinder.

  (116) posted on 05.6.2009

A good move for BMW for a more space conscious driver. I hope this 2013 BM 3 Series will really give justice to the standard the quality of its predecessors.

  (231) posted on 05.6.2009

This crossover wagon /SUV is something I am looking forward to see how they will completely incorporate a more stylish design along with a lower base price.

  (177) posted on 05.6.2009

I like this BMW 3 series GT’s up coming upgrades. I cool for the family and more space for everyone. I will wait and see how the final production will go out and the pricing of course knowing that it is a BMW line up.

  (289) posted on 05.6.2009

More cars going into the crossover bodykit facelift is not a new thing in the automobile industry. The good news about it is that it will have more interior space and could be a priced lower than a regular Bimmer.

  (318) posted on 05.6.2009

The term ’facelift’ is one we use when a car reaches the halfway point in it’s lifespan. The ’new’ BMW 3 series isn’t ’new’, they just jazzed it up a bit. What do you think?

  (314) posted on 05.6.2009

A leader in the segment like the 3 series can’t stand still, you must always innovate and update to stay ahead of the competition

  (421) posted on 05.5.2009

This sporty crossover/sports wagon/SUV will surely steal the day once it comes out. But of course be ready for the pricing as it may not be your regular crossover SUV to hit the town in 2013.

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