When asking a BMW enthusiast which is their favorite model, they will almost undoubtedly tell you that the mighty M3 shines above the rest, especially when you let it loose on a race track. That is fine and good, however the reality of the fact is that a very small percentage of sports car owners will be wringing their heigh revving V8s out on the track or hanging the tail out with their M mode dynamic control enabled; instead most owners will spend hours on end in traffic waiting for the rare opportunity to crack open the throttle and do a little stop light drag racing. That is where the low end torque of a turbocharged engine comes into play, and there is no better example on the market today than the one found under the hood of a BMW 335i.

BMW 335i Convertible by ATT
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The only problem is that after a while you can become accustomed to the rush of the turbo and and the standard car’s 300 HP 3.0 Liter twin turbocharged straight six. However when that happens, instead of trading in your drop top Bimmer for an M3, you can look towards the after market where companies like the German tuner ATT is offering a multi stage power package that will raise your 3 Series output up to 345 HP and 355 lb-ft of torque, or if you are brave enough Power Level II boost the BMW to 362 HP and 388 lb-ft of thrust. Aside from the computer tuning, ATT is also offering a stainless steel exhaust, multi spoke 20 inch aluminum wheels and even a pair of M3 look alike fender vents complete with LED blinkers and all. So now there is absolutely no excuse to pay more for an M3.

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Press release

Let’s face it, in the history of BMW there has been no better BMW 3 series convertible, besides the M3. If you like to drive fast and topless, here you are seated just right. The dual turbo six-cylinder car from ATT out of Rastatt convinces primarily through its increased engine power to spectacular 362 hp and 536 Nm.

BMW 335i Convertible by ATT
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The tuner offers two power enhancements. At power level I (2.355,00 Euro) the 335i achieves 345 hp and 481 Nm by the use of an additional controller. At power level II (4.130,00 Euro) the bi turbo achieves entire 362 hp and 526 Nm - therefore accountable is not just the additional controller but also the stainless steel sport exhaust system, which adds to the ideal output effect.

Big ATT TEC LeMans 20” wheels emphazise the futuristic appearance of the ambitious athlete. The aluminum rims in the dimension 8,5x20” and 10x20” with high performance tires from Michelin “Pilot Sport 2” size 245/30 ZR20 and 285/25 ZR20 are worth 3.475,00 Euro, mounting and balancing included.

BMW 335i Convertible by ATT
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New in the range are the design fender in M3-optics. For 1.843,00 Euro you can get these from ATT already with original M3-louver, boxes, mounting accessories and LED blinker. For additional 597,00 Euro the fender can be ordered in Rastatt in car body color.

Furthermore a complete carriage and interior program is already available!

BMW 335i Convertible by ATT
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