Airports are hardly the place you’d find a car being on display but that’s exactly the case at the Munich Airport where the new BMW 5 Series GT is proudly displayed for those taking flights at the German airport.

The method behind BMW’s madness comes on the heels of its new campaign of promoting its vehicles in a number of seemingly oddball locations with the intention of piquing the interest and curiosity of those present in the location.

Talking about terms, there aren’t that many places in the world that generates as much people traffic as one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe: the Munich Airport. The number of passengers – and that’s not even counting the employees and family members that drop off and/or pick up their kins – that walked through the airport in 2008 was a staggering 34.73 million, so you know that this airport is no slouch when it comes to human traffic.

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With that many people passing through, it’s pretty obvious that the BMW 5 Series GT is going to turn a lot of heads, and with good reason. The car is stylistically sexy and comes with all the features and innovations only a highly-respected auto maker like BMW can provide.

Who knows? The 5 Series GT that’s on display at the Munich Airport may even attract a potential buyer or two. But believe us when we say that with that many people passing through the airport, two just seems like a pretty low number since the BMW 5 Series GT is one car that is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Source: BMW Blog

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  (2) posted on 07.20.2009

You must not fly much. More than half the time I’m in an airport I see a car on display. Last time I was in Munich BMW had a F1 car on display.

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