The German luxury car maker BMW is preparing a high performance crossover based on their 5 Series platform. Despite the company’s best attempts, the first official images have leaked onto the web, major thanks to the French Magazine.

The production version will be based very closely on the concept car that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The only differences that we can spot are the restyled side view mirrors and the split five spoke rims.



Source: Automobile Magazine

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.24.2009

I dont really like it. I would just get the M5

BMWM6  (289) posted on 05.22.2009

It’s not awful, but at the rate BMW is selling out, I mean filling niches, one has to wonder: How much longer before they come out with a Camino?

BMWM6  (314) posted on 05.22.2009

Reminds me a lot of that 318 hatchback they made. Looked like they took the coupe and chopped off the back end. This looks like they chopped the back end off of something. Also kinda looks like a lowered X6. Not just kinda, but exactly.

BMWM6  (318) posted on 05.22.2009

Anothoer luxurious ride for the BMW 5 fans.

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