BMW’s new Sonic Speed Blue color is a show stopper!

Major auto shows like Detroit, Geneva, and Paris are usually packed with loads of brand-new cars and spectacular concepts. This makes it very difficult for not so new cars to get the attention they deserve, but sometime we stumble across older models that stand out for one reason or another. This is also the case of the BMW 6 Series Convertible that the German brand brought to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

Around since 2011, the 6 Series is one of the oldest Bimmers on the market and it’s rather long in the tooth compared to the competition. The grand tourer did receive a facelift for 2015, but that didn’t do much in terms of aesthetics, so the 6 Series remained pretty much the same inside and out. With the current model moving fast toward the end of its life-cycle, the Munich-based firm is trying to keep it fresh by adding new kit and equipment. At Detroit, BMW introduced a new exterior color Sonic Speed Blue.

While new body finishes aren’t exactly big news, especially on old models, this new shade of blue is exactly what made the six-year-old 6 Series stand out at the BMW booth. Making things even better, BMW opted for white seating upholstery and white inserts on the dashboard and door panels, giving the grand tourer a color combination that reminds me of the 1970s and the wild color combinations that American carmakers used to offer.

This combo obviously doesn’t change the fact that the 6 Series Convertible is in dire need of a replacement, but it proves that new isn’t always better and that a good color combination turns heads no matter the car it’s used on. Many companies that showcased new products in Detroit should learn something from this.


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