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BMW GT 6 - new details
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BMW is lobbing a speciality shot at its German rivals with another GT car. Where the 5-Series GT seems to be in response to Mercedes’ peculiar R-Class, the 6-Series GT is going after the coupe/sedan class created by the CLS.

A four-door 6-Series has been an on/off rumor for a few years, but last month credible sources started the some chatter again. Now the GT seems to be a go for the next-generation 6-Series.

The exact design for the 6-Series GT still has not been confirmed. It may have four full doors, or two small rear hinged doors (similar to the Mazda RX-8). What we can expect is for the car to look like a mix of the rest of the 6-Series line, with the wider grille and headlights from the CS Concept. While the size seems to make the Mercedes CLS and upcoming Audi A7 the GT’s likely targets, the four-door, four passenger hatchback layout sound a lot like the A5 sportback.

BMW may even throw all of it’s new engine technology at this coup/sedan. It’s rumored to offer a wide array powerplants including a twin-turbo V8, diesel V6 and even a hybrid engine. Expect the GT to come about a year after the new 2010 6-Series makes its debut.


Source: BMW Blog

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  (137) posted on 04.16.2009

according to the news this BMW 6 GT will be a “progression” of a sports coupe vehicle and it will be the first BMW coupe with a hatchback and four doors. It will be a four seater only model, each passenger position and the driver are separated with a large sweeping console. Two things for the BMW GT- It’s make or break, so sure we hope this is something that can compete with its German counterpart.

  (182) posted on 04.16.2009

its hard to imagine what it might possibly look like. i just hope it can match its german rivals.

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