Later this year the Bavarian maker, will putt the twin-turbo diesel engine under the bonnet of the 6-series.This engine is already on the 5-series and with 413lb ft of torque its an impressive power-unit.

This 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel has even more torque than is found in the range-topping M6 (383 there).

BMW 6-series to recive Twin-turbo diesel engine
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Thanks in large part to its 413 lb-ft of torque 535d reach 60 mph from a standing start in just 6.5 seconds, although the car has only 272hp, a considerably lower power. The fuel mileage is very good in condition of the gas prices holding high. On the British standard rating the 535d gets a combined 35.3mpg, when the M6 manage just 12/18 on the EPA cycle.

The engine develops 95% of its torque from as low as 1500rpm and a peak of 413lb-ft. at 2000rpm, which makes this engine to be one of the best engines in terms of efficiency.

The diesel powered cars represents the majority of BMW sales in Europe and the popularity of the oil-burners is growing in the US sow the introduction of high-performance diesel cars should be a success.

BMW 6-series to recive Twin-turbo diesel engine
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The new A5 coupe, BMW’s major rival will be released with a 3.0 TDI engine, and even the R8 may get a twelve-cylinder diesel engine with 450hp.

The new engine will be launched as part of a mid-life shake-up for the Six, and it should be the perfect combination for a GT-style coupe.

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