BMW 7 Series investigated by NHTSA

2007 BMW 7-Series
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Usually unflappable German engineering has taken a hit today. BMW has announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has initiated an investigation that centers on 120,000 2002-2008 7-Series models, ranging from the 730d to the 760li. This investigation began after a 2006 7-Series experienced an incident in which, after being placed in park, did not fully engage the park gear and proceeded to roll a short distance. This gearbox is designed to automatically shift into park, for example, when the vehicle is turned off.

If this pending investigation makes you nervous, keep in mind that the NHTSA has said that a) "thus far, no cause has been identified for any of the rollaway incidents" and b) it is not a full scale recall, just a preliminary investigation.

You may ask us, would we still buy one? Well, we have nothing but praise for the 7 series. We find it to be truly staggering, leaving us to shake our head in disbelief that a car the size of the state of Kansas can be made this fun to drive. This potential gearbox glitch does not affect our view of the Roundel and we continue to look reverently upon each model. This full size luxury sedan did not disappoint us and it won’t let you down either.


Source: NHTSA

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  (415) posted on 10.21.2011

Me too! I agree with you, but there are some BMW cars that stands out to the rest. But i’d rather pick a vintage car than this one.

  (453) posted on 10.17.2011

Sorry to say but I am not really impressed with BMW cars. It looks so simple and ordinary. It seems that it didn’t have any special features to offer with. Anyway, I think it was just fitted for government cars.

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