• BMW Acknowledges That The New Mercedes S-Class Is Superior to the Aging 7 Series

It’s a nice compliment, but it could also be a call to raise the stakes

In a rare showing of public humility, BMW is throwing flowers in Mercedes-Benz’s direction. The Bavarian automaker has taken to social media to acknowledge what a lot of people already know: the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is balls-to-the-wall awesome.

BMW seems to think so, too, telling its fierce rival that it is a big fan of the S-Class. It’s a nice acknowledgment from BMW’s part, though it is worth mentioning that the next-generation BMW 7 Series is already in the works. Seems like BMW knows that Mercedes raised the segment’s bar with the all-new S-Class. Now it’s BMW’s turn to meet Mercedes at that level with the next-generation 7er.

What’s the message?

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BMW posted a short clip on its Instagram account. The clip starts with an S-shaped road where a car is driving along. It’s hard to see the make and model of the car, but noting how short it looks from a bird’s eye view, it’s unlikely that the car is the S-Class W223 or even BMW’s 7 Series.

A caption that reads “Nice S” then appears, which, in one way, describes the road, but, more importantly, describes BMW’s sentiments towards the all-new Mercedes S Class. The clip then cuts to action shots of the current BMW 7 Series, which, admittedly, is on its last legs as a model.

In case the clip wasn’t clear, BMW added a message, congratulating Mercedes for the all-new S-Class W223 and admitting that, even with the rivalry between the two brands, BMW is a big fan of Merc’s range-topping luxury sedan.

Is the Mercedes S-Class W223 all that?

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It is. That’s why BMW is also under a lot of pressure to make sure that the next-generation 7 Series is about as evolutionary a model as the S-Class W223 is to its nameplate. Make no mistake: the current-generation BMW 7 Series G11/G12 is five years old already. It received a facelift recently, but that’s still not enough to stem the tide against Mercedes, especially with the latter now offering a completely new S-Class with enough modern tech to make you feel like you’re sitting inside the USS Enterprise.

The interior is arguably the biggest difference between the two models.

Look at the interior of the current 7 Series G12 and you’ll still see a traditionally laid out cabin with buttons, switches, knobs, and dials. The setup still looks good for a luxury saloon, but it’s no match to the S-Class W223’s interior. Mercedes went all-out and redefining what the cabin of a super luxury car could look and feel, and the S Class has it in full bloom. From the advanced ambient lighting setup, the prevalent aluminum parts throughout, the fully digital instrument cluster, and the massive — and also fully digital — infotainment system, the Mercedes S-Class W223’s interior is in a complete class of its own.

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Granted, the 7 Series G12 has as many engine options to choose from and a model like the 750i boasts more power — 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque — from its twin-turbo V-8 engine than the new S 580 4Matic’s 496-horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque output.

But even the advantage in power isn’t enough to compete with the fact that the all-new S-Class W223 is a next-generation model that’s packing all the newest technologies that Mercedes has to offer. The BMW 7 Series will have its day in the sun. We just don’t know when that will be.

When will the next-generation BMW 7 Series arrive?

BMW Acknowledges That The New Mercedes S-Class Is Superior to the Aging 7 Series Exterior
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We know that BMW is already hard at work developing the next-generation 7 Series. We also know that the current 7 Series’ facelift happened just last year. That could mean that we’re going to be in for a bit of waiting for the next-generation 7 Series.

Rest assured, BMW’s going to make sure that the wait isn’t as long as it should because the all-new Mercedes S-Class is poised to eat into BMW’s 7 Series sales. That’s something that BMW is trying to avoid with all its might and capability.

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