• BMW and McLaren’s Partnership Could Be Larger Than Anticipated

Will we see another iconic car like the McLaren F1 out of this deal or is there even more to it?

The record-setting and iconic McLaren F1 set a new standard for what a supercar should be, but part of what made all of that possible was the unique BMW-derived V-12 that gave it life. Over the decades since this legendary collaboration, there was nothing noteworthy between the two companies. In April of 2022, however, a new rumor claimed that the two would once again collaborate, only this time they would work together to build an all-new electric sports car platform. Neither BMW nor McLaren jumped on the opportunity to confirm or deny the rumor.

BMW and McLaren's Partnership Could Be Larger Than Anticipated
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Now, a new report from Whichcar has shed even more light on this rumor, and it sounds more legitimate than ever. This report claims that BMW and McLaren have signed a memorandum of understanding that allegedly includes BMW providing assistance to McLaren to electrify its entire portfolio.

This would, of course, help the company reduce its fleet C02 average and go a long way toward McLaren meeting Euro 7 regulations when they go into effect. If BMW is willing to part ways with its 1,000-horsepower, four-motor electric powertrain, and the new S68 mild-hybrid engine that was recently revealed in the X7 M60i, the McLaren could end up on the sweeter side of this deal, but that’s not to say that BMW is walking away empty-handed.

BMW and McLaren's Partnership Could Be Larger Than Anticipated
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On McLaren’s end, the company will be lending its expertise in carbon fiber and general lightweight construction, likely with an emphasis on what it learned during the R&D process for the Speedtail, Senna, and Elva. That knowledge would be of the most benefit to BMW as it moves forward, not only in the short term but with future EVs as well. There have even been rumors that McLaren could sell what is, essentially, a rebadged version of the BMW XM, but that’s purely speculation.

What we can say for sure is that collaboration between BMW and McLaren seems more likely than ever. We know that at one point Audi was trying to buy McLaren, but McLaren has come right out and said that’s not going to happen, which would make the collaboration between BMW and McLaren possible. If the two companies do come together again, this time around BMW M would reportedly be in charge of what happens on BMW’s side.

BMW and McLaren's Partnership Could Be Larger Than Anticipated
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For now, we just have to wait for BMW and McLaren to come out and spill the beans, which could happen anytime between now and the fall of 2022. Now that there’s a memorandum of understanding in play, all the companies have to do is hash out the finer details and get to work. If all of this is true, then we can expect some amazing cars to come out of this collaboration.

We have reached out to both BMW and McLaren for confirmation and will update this article if we hear back from them.

Source: Whichcar

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