BMW EfficientDynamics and the implementation of this superior strategy in
a wide range of new models - these are the highlights of BMW’s presentation at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Consistently introducing new engines together with a broad range of innovations for enhanced efficiency, Germany’s outstanding premium car maker is able to offer vehicles in a growing number of segments ranking right at the top in terms of both driving dynamics as well as all-round economy and emission management.

In the 2008 model year, some 40 per cent of all new cars sold by the BMW Group in Europe will have a CO2 emission rating of not more - at the very most - than 140 grams per kilometre. This outstanding achievement is made possible by an unusually wide range of new models offering unprecedented fuel economy without requiring any concessions in terms of that sheer driving pleasure so typical of BMW.

Even from the start in entering the 2008 model year, no less than 22 BMW Group cars will have a CO2 emission rating of no more than 140 grams per kilometre - among them three models in the MINI range. And the impressive line-up of these particularly fuel-efficient low-emission models will be presented to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show from 13-23 September 2007, ranging from the BMW 118d with average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of just 4.5 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 62.8 mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of 119 grams per kilometre through the BMW 320d Coupé (4.8 litres/58.8 mpg imp, 128 grams of CO2) all the way to the new BMW 520d Saloon and the new BMW 520d Touring setting new standards for all-round economy and emission management in their segments with fuel consumption of just 5.1 and, respectively, 5.3 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 55.3 and 53.3 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions of 136 and, respectively, 140 grams per kilometre.

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