• BMW Confirms an October Debut for the Fullsize, 2020 BMW X7 SUV

We’re a month away from seeing Bimmer’s flagship SUV

The BMW X7 is reportedly scheduled to debut in the middle of October, putting to bed all the speculation surrounding the model’s highly anticipated arrival. Without giving the exact date, a BMW spokesperson confirmed to The Drive that the X7 is, indeed, penciled for an October launch, ruling out an earlier report that said that the German automaker had chosen the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show in November as the site of the X7’s big reveal. It’s not for nothing, though, because the 2018 Paris Motor Show happens in October. The event’s media-only days take place on October 2 and 3, and while the dates aren’t exactly in “the middle of October,” it’s as good a time and a place as any for the X7 to finally arrive.

BMW Confirms an October Debut for the Fullsize, 2020 BMW X7 SUV
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At this point, we don’t know enough about the BMW X7’s final design beyond the spy photos we’ve seen — there have been a lot of those — and the leaked patent images from Brazil’s patent office, the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI). BMW’s done a good job keeping a lid on details surrounding the new X7.

Based on what we’ve seen and speculated, the X7 is probably going to look a lot like the X5, albeit packaged in a bigger body to justify its full-sized billing and flagship status.

Don’t expect anything out of the ordinary, though. Sure, there will be unique design details — the multi-element outlet layout of the front bumper and thicker twin-kidney grille are some we’ve noticed from the prototype X7 — but for the most part, BMW’s not reinventing its design language on the X7.

BMW Confirms an October Debut for the Fullsize, 2020 BMW X7 SUV
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As far as powertrain options are concerned, the X7 will get at least three different engines, including a pair of 3.0-liter inline-six engines, one that runs on gas and another that runs on diesel.

BMW’s tried and tested 4.4-liter V-8 engine will also be available in the X7, fueling speculation that the version getting it will be none other than the X7 M.

All these items are still speculation, but fortunately, that’s going to change soon. After years of rumors, speculations, and development teases, the BMW X7 is finally ready to show its face to the world. It’s happening in October, which isn’t that far away considering that we’ve been hearing about the X7 since 2013. What’s another month when you’ve been waiting for five years?

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Source: The Drive

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