Most automotive rumors don’t make us cringe, but this latest one involving the BMW M3 caused more than just unpleasant facial expressions. Don’t get us wrong, we love hot hatchbacks, but the thought of an M3 Gran Turismo is nauseating.

According to Inside Line and M3Post, BMW may be looking to replace the M3 sedan, which never sold like the German company had hoped. So, why exactly BMW would want to use the Gran Turismo body style for the M3 is beyond us, as we can’t imagine it would garner high sales numbers.

It seems BMW has gone a bit bonkers lately and this new rumor confirms the diagnosis. We were willing to except the fact that the V8 might be on it’s way out in favor of turbocharged inline-six, but this is unacceptable.

And to confirm just how hideous of an idea this is, take a look at the rendering of the rumored vehicle provided by Inside Line.


Source: Inside Line, M3 Post

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  (321) posted on 11.10.2010

Yeah, I agree with Donner, still lets hope it’s just a rumor..

  (313) posted on 10.28.2010

looks very good - much nicer than the standard 3 series. i wonder how it will compete against the current RS4 sedan, which is stopping production in a couple months...

  (23) posted on 10.23.2010

A rumor is a rumor is a rumor - and not mor(e)...

Let’s make one thing clear: The BMW 3 GT doesn’t exist yet; is only a possibility in the future, a sort or rumorsmiley...

The M 3 _is_ existing: and BMW builds and sells it as sedan, as coupé and as cabrio.

So, _if_ the 3 GT will come one day (and not before 2013, since the new 3 sedan will arrive in 2012), it can be that BMW also will sell a M 3 GT version - and at the same time the M 3 as cabrio, coupé and sedan.

Of course, it’s possible that the M 3 sedan will not be imported to the US, but that’s an other story...

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