• BMW Cooking Up A Business Case For The X7 M

Expectations will be high should BMW go this route

In case you didn’t notice, BMW has a healthy amount of models sporting its high performance M badges. By my count, there are a total of 10 M models being offered in the market today, and that doesn’t include models that are on the pipeline. It’s a robust roster to say the least, but apparently, the German automaker isn’t content with just 10 models because there’s already talk of adding another one to the fold. The new model, according to BMW Blog is the X7 M, the performance alter-ego of the upcoming X7.

No decision has been made on whether the X7 M gets the green light or not, but past history suggests that BMW will gauge the temperature of the X7 before ultimately making a final decision on the X7 M. Should the high-performance SUV and possible rival to the Range Rover does arrive, the expectation is that it will be the most luxurious model out of all of BMW’s models, including the 7 Series. It’s also been tipped to be completely full-sized with enough room for seven passengers on top of having enough cargo space in the back.

Of course, being badged the X7 M also comes with some power and performance expectations. While there has been no information on this front, it’s plausible that the X7 M will use the same 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V-8 engine as the next-generation X5 M, albeit tuned to produce more power to accommodate the sheer size of the SUV. The updated engine could make it possible since Bimmer’s M Division has already put in the work to expand its rpm range, thus opening itself up to higher output levels. There is also the possibility, small as it may be, that BMW looks in the direction of a 6.0-liter V-12. It’s unlikely to take this route though given its inclination in downsizing its engine lineup to adhere to stricter emissions regulations.

BMW’s current timetable for the X7 calls for a launch sometime in 2018 or 2019. That would mean that any talk of a possible X7 M won’t be confirmed or denied until after the X7’s arrival.

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The BMW X7 M is actually a good idea

I count myself among those people who think that BMW may be pushing the limit of its M lineup and running the risk of models overlapping one another. I admit it’s a tricky thing to deal with, but so far, the company has managed to create a distinct line in the sand between its M models to prevent one model from cannibalizing another’s sales volume.

The X7 M though, if it does come to fruition, is a completely different animal. I’m not worried about it overlapping the X5 M or the X6 M because it should turn into a model that’s unique to it’s own. It might even turn into the M Division’s flagship, or at least until the M7 or M8 arrives, if they end up getting made.

The point here is that the X7 M shouldn’t cause any problems in thinning out the M Division’s lineup. It’s going to be bigger than all the other SUVs and if the reports are true that BMW will overload it with luxury amenities and technological goodies like cutting-edge connectivity, driver-assistance, and infotainment systems, then it shouldn’t have a problem standing out on its own.

2017 BMW X7

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Source: BMW Blog

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