It appears that the German luxury automaker, BMW is struggling with whether or not to replace the engine in their high performance halo car for 2011. The next generation BMW M5 will either powered by a more efficient version of the current car’s V10 engine or if speculators have their way, the next 5 Series super sedan could be motivated by a healthy helping of boost. That is because BMW is already running a high performance twin turbocharged V8 in both the X5M and X6M sport activity vehicles, and with a little bit of innovative German engineering the BMW boffins could have the mill screaming to the tune of over 600 HP.

BMW could create a twin turbo V8 powered M5
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Reports have shown that BMW are cautious about continuing to use the V10 because of the CO2 emissions regulations in the U.S. a problem that can be avoided by going with a pair of less pistons. However if the M5 is to maintain its status as one of the brand’s premier vehicles then it would help to have something special under the hood, something not found in any other Bimmer, something to make it even more desirable.

So the question that the BMW engineers have to ask themselves right now is, what would be the better plan for the future? An all out high performance naturally aspirated V10 might sound like a fantastic idea for a sports car power plant, but with the current trend of environmentalism and efficiency, the idea of downsizing and turbo charging is becoming a widely accepted practice in the automobile industry. So what is BMW going to do? Stay tuned to find out.



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AK47  (1024) posted on 08.21.2009

A V8 version would just be the M3s engine. But I knew BMW would go with turbocharging. I hope they keep the V10 though, give it a lower redline-say 7000rpm, combine it with twin turbos and you have the perfect engine for a supersedan.

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