Just because there’s demand for it, it doesn’t mean that you build it. Not when practicality says otherwise. That’s the rationale BMW is adopting when it was recently disclosed by a high-ranking executive that the company has no plans to build an M4 Gran Coupe.

Tough luck for those hoping to have a smaller version of the M6 Gran Coupe. Apparently, BMW thinks that building one poses more headaches than it’s really worth.

BMW’s M GmbH performance arm sales boss Jörg Bartels disclosed the news to CarsGuide, confirming that while the M4 Gran Coupe was "definitely considered," it ended up amounting to nothing more than dropped plans.

According to Bartels, production volume was a big reason for the decision to drop plans of building the four-door coupe. Bartels pointed out that high production volume for the 3 Series sedan and the M3 sedan means that the company’s Regensburg plant is already too busy to add the M4 Gran Coupe. The same can be said for BMW’s Munich factory, which already builds the 4 Series and the M4.

If BMW did build the M4 Gran Coupe,it would have to open up space for a third factory, which the Bavarian brand isn’t too keen on doing these days.

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Why It Matters

It’s a little disappointing to hear that the BMW M4 Gran Coupe isn’t going to be built, but ultimately, we understand the rationale for the company’s decision. Since being launched late last year, BMW has put a lot of attention to the 4 Series. But at some point, the company had to do something to make it bigger than it should be.

The 4er already has three trim models to its name and adding a fourth one could just muddle up the good vibes it has enjoyed since bursting into the scene last year.

We’re still holding out hope that the M4 Gran Coupe still has a future, even if it means it’s not immediate.

BMW M4 Gran Coupe

BMW Decides Against the M4 Gran Coupe Exclusive Renderings
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We had high hopes for the M4 Gran Coupe. We really did. Ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be. At least for now.

At one point in time, we even thought that the M4 Gran Coupe could go down as one of the best BMW models in history. But that’s not the reality we’re facing now that BMW has effectively shut the door on the model for the time being.

It still would’ve been nice to see and drive, though.

Source: CarsGuide

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