This holiday season, BMW is looking back to the beginning of the M3. It all started with the E30 M3, which – as BMW puts it – is the most successful touring car to date. The video you’re about to watch is the first of what I assume are many, as the M3 badge has gotten placement on the E36, E46, E90-series and F-80 chassis.

During this video, BMW places focus on what made the M3 so great, and the accomplishments it made after its introduction. I won’t ruin the whole video for you, but you’ll be pleased to see various cuts of the M3 on the track and on display, as well as hear some of what made the car as legendary as it is. Of course, there are haters out there who didn’t like the car, but the numbers don’t lie. The car was epic by just about any standard, and some argue no M-car since has lived up as a predecessor to the M3.

The coolest fact about the M3 is how desirable it quickly became. Even BMW salespersons were skeptical of the ability to meet the homologation requirement of producing 5,000 in a 12-month time frame, but the M3 was so desirable that BMW ended up building over 18,000. That is one fun fact from the video, but there is plenty more, so get watching. We’ll be keeping our eye out for the next installment that will likely cover the E46 generation. Enjoy the video!

BMW M3 E30

1986 BMW E30 M3 review
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