• BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign

BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign
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Sometimes modifying the latest and greatest from automotive manufacturers is out of reach for most tuning enthusiasts. Thanks to RDX Racedesign bimmer fans have a few new options for modifying the E46 3-Series.

Press release after the jump.

Press release:

Already the basic BMW E46 from the 3series has a very sporty appearance. But the aerodynamics- and component parts by RDX Racedesign turn this car into an individual automobile with a significantly refined look.

BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign
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RDX Racedesign which is situated in Georgensgmünd in Middle Franconia offers three different front bumpers. The model M-Line (245 euros including VAT) has an M3-shape with two side openings and a large central air inlet which reduces towards the front. The front skirt M-Line Pro (275 euros) is characterised by the broad, tripartite air inlet with the three integrated rips. Even more individuality is offered by the model E62-Look (299 euros). With air inlets which are placed even lower and narrower, this front skirt looks significantly more dominant than the more filigree models M-Line and M-Line Pro.

BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign
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Also for the rear section, RDX Racedesign offers individual design. The rear skirt attachment M-Line (149 euros) perfectly goes in line with the shape of the front bumper M-Line Pro. A narrow blind across the entire width of the automobile and three air exhausts below are the main design characteristic of the rear skirt attachment. Customer opting for the model M-line or the more dominant version in E-62 look, will rather choose the rear bumper M-Line (245 euros). With two broader side air exhausts and the narrower central opening, this model looks brawnier than the rear skirt attachment.

BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign
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RDX Racedesign guarantees highest quality of its products. As all aerodynamics parts are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), each part fits perfectly. The material is flexible and at the same time break- and split proof.

A further visual highlight is the rear wing GT-Race 2 (119 euros). This beautifully shaped and aerodynamically curved spoiler can easily be attached to the boot lid of limousine, coupé and convertible with the delivered fixing materials.

BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign
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The side skirts GT4 (129.95 euros) make the aerodynamics kit complete. The elegantly curved shape combined with the front bumper and rear apron leave a comprehensive overall impression. Customers who wish to buy an entire aerodynamics kit consisting of side skirts as well as front- and rear apron, will receive a ten percent body kit discount.

The headlight blinds (from 34.95 euros).further enhance the look of the automobile. With them, the E46 is getting a much fiercer look ahead.

BMW E46 by RDX Racedesign
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Source: RDX Racedesign

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  (318) posted on 04.29.2009

I hope this reace design also comes for other brands. I like their concept and makes quality things affordable .

  (289) posted on 04.29.2009

This racedesign is for Bimmers E series not for the M series. But it is affordable, of good quality and fit perfectly beautiful for the car. Good work here with RDX

  (421) posted on 04.29.2009

The RDX recedesign for BM is cool. It gives the E46 a more sporty look and at the same time a more exciting way of tuning up the BM’s body kit in a cheeper price.

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