• BMW EfficientDynamics Concept

    bmw efficient dynamics

EfficientDynamics details the development activities that BMW undertakes to offer products of the highest standards, featuring the latest innovations in drivetrain technology, energy management, and material technology. The philosophy of ‘EfficientDynamics’ covers all areas of automotive development, from finding new, lighter and more resistant materials to developing energy-saving engines.

Striving for EfficientDynamics, BMW is pursuing a strategy fit for the future and setting the trend in every respect. This strategy leads to vehicles reflecting the core value of the BMW brand - Sheer Driving Pleasure - in the same way as they meet the demands of the modern, future-oriented customer. The EfficientDynamics concept therefore consistently relates all factors of performance, fuel consumption, and weight to one another, providing target-oriented innovations on the drivetrain, in lightweight technology and aerodynamics, and providing the further option to overcome conflicts of interest.

The philosophy of EfficientDynamics covers all areas of automobile development within the BMW Group. And since this includes the development of fundamentally new solutions, researchers in materials technology search consistently for new materials helping to optimise the weight of the car and enhance driving pleasure accordingly.

BMW Group specialists working in this area have a level of competence and know-how truly outstanding not only within the automotive industry. Indeed, in the demands they make of new materials, BMW’s development specialists set significant standards in the area of materials research. And at the same time they are in a position to upgrade the latest findings in scientific research quickly and efficiently to the standard of perfection required for pracitical use. As a result, the customer receives a vehicle which, in the sum total of its qualities, always represents the latest state of the art - which means also making specific parts and components out of materials which did not even exist before in this form and thus give a BMW truly unique qualities.

The front side panel on the BMW 3 Series Coupé, for example, is made of a synthetic material never used before and therefore exclusive to BMW. Also in terms of design freedom and temperature resistance, this extremely light component offers qualities no synthetic material was ever able to provide before.

Using Brake Energy Regeneration interacting with Intelligent Alternator Control (IAC) developed by BMW, the generation of electrical energy can now be shifted specifically and in a controlled process to the car’s overrun and braking phases, converting brake energy instead of fuel into electric power. When driving under power (in traction or power phases), the energy potential provided by the fuel can be used to a greater extent to generate kinetic energy and motion, giving the car greater, enhanced dynamics. This effect clearly noticeable at the wheel is referred to as passive boosting.

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