The future has arrived, so to speak

Autonomous driving. Electrification. Augmented reality. These three things are but a handful of new technologies that are currently being worked on by just about every automaker that’s invested into the future of the auto industry. With so many things happening, it’s hard to keep track of every technology that’s being developed these days, especially those that have taken a backseat (so to speak) to these overarching tech developments.

One such tech is the Head-Up Display, which a lot of automakers are developing with the hopes of one day integrating it into the world of augmented reality. BMW is one of the companies that have been the most aggressive in its pursuit of developing this technology, so much so that it created a short video to briefly explain the machinations of its Head-Up Display.

The basic gist of the technology is properly explained in the video by no less than Dr. Rolf Gengenbach, development manager of the Head Up Display Development. If you didn’t understand what the tech does, Dr. Gengenbach properly explains it, both from a technical standpoint and the user experience of having one in the car.

Marcus Behrendt, development head of the User Experience Group, also makes an appearance in the video where he talks about the merits of having the Head-Up Display technology in BMW models. Likewise, he talks about the company’s objectives in further developing the technology to the point that it becomes an integral part of BMW’s future plans for its entire lineup.

With the industry evolving into faster than a lot of people anticipated, it’s become imperative for automakers to push the boundaries of technology to offer its customers new and exciting features that will eventually redefine the experience of driving cars.


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