Rumors about the production version of the BMW CS Concept unveiled this year at the Shanghai Auto Show have been circulated for quite a while now. But now those rumors has been officially confirmed by BMW: the Gran Turismo will be made under the leadership of Gerhard Richter.

As the BMW Germany reports Gerhard Richter will start working on the future Gran Turismo in January 2008.

The BMW CS Concept unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show combines stylish luxury with the most uncompromising ambiance full of class and value. BMW says that the production version will feature the same luxury and also the latest BMW technologies.

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  (12) posted on 12.21.2007

i think the grill makes it look futiristic and we are approaching the future.

  (13) posted on 12.21.2007

It would look good if it didn’t have that ridiculous grille.

SpikeX5  (60) posted on 12.20.2007

Amazing!! how big the grill is now! never before, lol

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