It’s been a long wait for the i8’s drop-top counterpart to burst into the scene

Four years after unveiling the BMW i8 Spyder Concept at the Beijing Motor Show, BMW is finally bringing the topless hybrid sports car to life with a 2018 target date for the start of the car’s production. According to Automotive New, BMW CEO Harald Krueger made the confirmation during a recent press conference, alleviating the growing concern surrounding the status of the car.

The news should come as a sigh of relief for BMW fans, a lot of whom have been waiting with baited breath on any news about BMW’s plans for the i8 Spyder. Up until this point, the German automaker has been coy about the car’s future, opting to say, time and again, that the car was “on its way.” Krueger’s announcement finally opened that lid and while details are still scarce about what we can expect with the i8 Spyder, it is likely to be based on the latest version of the i8’s platform. That could include power numbers north of 400 horsepower and a new lithium ion battery pack that will provide better range and longer capacity.

Expect more details to arrive about the i8 Spyder now that the cat’s finally out of the bag. While I don’t expect anything substantive to arrive in the coming weeks or months, the development of the car and its connection with its coupe counterpart should give us a better picture on what we can all look forward to when production starts in two years.

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Long overdue, but should be worth the wait

I count myself among those people who have been waiting for some time to hear BMW officially lay down a timeframe for the i8 Spyder Concept. I actually think that the car is long overdue considering how long the the coupe version has been out on the market. But I’m not the type to second-guess BMW’s decisions on matters concerning the i8; the automaker has earned the right to bide its time and presumably let the coupe marinate in the eyes of its fans.

On that note, I’d say the i8 has been very successful and in some ways, the slow play on the i8 Spyder has increased interest for the car when it does arrive in 2018. The strong likelihood of the model adopting the latest features of the i8’s platform should also help bring out the best in that model, especially when it comes to boasting a longer-range battery and a more powerful electric motor.

Whatever the reasons are for the delay or the slow play or whatever you want to call it, the i8 Spyder’s arrival is a big step for BMW as it seeks to bolster its status as one of the leaders in hybrid technology. If the i8 Spyder’s timetable plays out as expected, look for the model to become as successful, maybe even more, as the coupe version.

Source: Automotive News

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