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Bimmer has been teasing it’s up-and-coming iNext EV for some time now, dropping bits and pieces over the last several months to build steam on the ‘ole hype train. Now, with a full reveal scheduled for next week, BMW is giving us a brief glimpse at the concept’s front and rear ends thanks to a few teaser vids.

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First off, let’s dive into what this thing is bringing in terms of style and aesthetics.

Outside, the iNext includes the usual BMW design bits, such as a large kidney grill and wide stance, but these come enhanced with futuristic details to give them that sci-fi vibe that’s so popular with concepts these days.

For example, the kidney grille is outlined by a glowing ring, while ultra-thin headlight elements seem to enhance the already-large fascia.

We’re not sure how BMW will end up balancing this in terms of style and aerodynamics with regard to the production version, but we’re guessing the i8 could be a good predictor. What’s more, the production iNext won’t need any oversized intakes to cool a twin-turbo gas-burning V-8 under the hood - this is an all-electric, after all.

In the sides, we find some positively enormous wheels and ultra-thin tires. There’s also some coupe-like elements for the roof design.

Meanwhile the rear is flat and broad, with thin taillights in the flanks to match the fascia’s headlight design. The lower diffuser element is also outlined with blue lighting, much like the kidney grille, leading us to believe the iNext will get tons of performance cues despite the large crossover body style - i.e., oversized brake calipers, deep aero cuts, and more.

BMW iNext Teasers Give Us a Small Glimpse at the Car's Rear End and Front Fascia
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In terms of motivation, look for the iNext to incorporate BMW’s eDrive technology.

In the iX3 concept, the eDrive is said to produce around 270 horsepower and provide as much as 249 miles per charge, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar numbers here as well.

Inside, look for loads of high-tech details, like a squared steering wheel, a simplistic control scheme, and oodles of digital screens. Also expect the latest in self-driving autonomous tech.

In all honesty, a lot of this is stuff we’ve seen from BMW’s concepts before, and it’s definitely… well, lets go with polarizing. The upright fascia and the shape are striking, no doubt about it, but we have a hard time calling it attractive.

Regardless, this is where Bimmer is headed, as the brand has a ton of new all-electric vehicles planned for the next several years, including both crossover sedan models.

Look for a full debut of the latest iNext all-electric concept next week.

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