It’s called the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition and it’s glorious

The BMW M2 Coupe is nearing its long-awaited launch and ahead of the long-awaited date, BMW is doing its part to drum up interest in its first compact high-performance sports car by introducing the Cruise M Bike Limited Edition. Yes, it’s a bicycle and yes, I’d like to have one, please. The special edition bike is limited to just 1,500 units and just like the car that it’s commemorating, it’s pretty much cut from the same cloth as the M2 coupe.

For instance, it’s been finished with a Long Beach Blue metallic paint color, exactly the same as the official color of the M2 Coupe. In terms of its built and design, BMW spared no expense in giving the Cruise M Bike Limited Edition the best of both worlds. The frame is made from hydro-formed aluminum while the seat post and spacer are made entirely out of carbon fiber. It also has features a 30-gear system, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 28-inch wheels that ensure comfort and balance for the rider in any type of road surface. Fittingly, BMW capped off the exclusivity of the Cruise M Bike Limited Edition with specially made plaques to denote the production number of a particular piece relative to all 1,500 available units.

The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition is one of the highlight pieces of BMW’s 2016 bike collection. One unit retails for €1,400, which is around $1,600 based on current exchange rates. Seeing as the price of the actual BMW M2 Coupe starts at $51,700 (not including destination and handling), it might not be a bad idea to give the limited run Cruise M Bike a double-take.

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Why it matters

BMW Introduces Special Edition Bike To Commemorate Launch Of The M2 Coupe
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It wouldn’t be BMW if it didn’t do something like this, would it? Now I know that some people are of the thinking that promoting a new car with a special edition bike is a little too much, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. On the contrary, I actually think it’s smart for BMW to use the understandable attention the M2 Coupe is getting by promoting its line of bicycles. The Cruise M Bike Limited Edition may be the face of this “promotion,” but make no mistake, BMW also wants some attention to go to its other bike products like the Cruise Bike and more importantly, the Cruise e-Bike.

And for what it’s worth, I happen to be a fan of BMW bicycles. I’ve never owned one, but I have ridden my share of them, and from my experience, they’re one of the smoothest bicycles you’ll ever get to ride. Sure, they don’t come with the same technological wizardry as other performance bicycles out there, but these bikes have never been all about performance. These bikes are geared more towards the urban landscape and BMW has done a tremendous job in building and developing them to fit that purpose.

The Cruise M Bike Limited Edition may not be as alluring as the actual M2 Coupe. But bike aficionados will surely appreciate that BMW took the time out to build 1,500 units of this special edition bike. These people may not have the money or the inclination to buy the compact high-performance sports car. But they do like themselves a good bicycles and that’s what the Cruise M Bike Limited Edition should be. The mere fact that it’s a special edition is merely icing on the cake.


2016 - 2018 BMW M2 High Resolution Exterior
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Press Release

Just days after the official sales launch of the new BMW M2 Coupe, BMW is presenting a tribute to the BMW M family’s compact high-performance sports car: the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition. A core stylistic element of the bike is its Long Beach Blue metallic paint finish, which matches the official colour of the BMW M2 Coupe.

BMW Introduces Special Edition Bike To Commemorate Launch Of The M2 Coupe
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Unmistakable M design.

Like the M2 Coupe, the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition – which will be produced in a limited run of 1,500 units – boasts exceptional dynamics and agility. The bike cuts a powerful figure thanks to the hydro-formed aluminium frame’s distinctive “bullneck” – reminiscent of the tank position on a motorcycle – and its clear transitions in form. Sumptuous, smooth welded seams lend a single-mould look to the frame design. And, like its automotive inspiration, the two-wheeler uses an eye-catching Long Beach Blue metallic colour scheme to highlight its confident character and spread joy through the ranks of BMW M aficionados and beyond.

The bike’s striking design concept is complemented by high-quality technical components, which generate a special feeling on the road. The carbon seat post and spacer ensure the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition is a light yet also a strong device. With larger wheels (now 28 inches), a 30-gear system and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, it has all the tools to deliver the last word in riding pleasure – on straight roads and twisty or hilly routes alike.

Every example of the limited-run special edition also has its own specially made plaque.

The new BMW bikes for 2016.

BMW Introduces Special Edition Bike To Commemorate Launch Of The M2 Coupe
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The BMW M2 Coupe provides another impressive showcase for BMW’s commitment to outstanding driving dynamics, unbeatable agility and exquisite car control. But the company has also demonstrated expertise in the development of state-of-the-art, high-class bicycles for over 60 years, turning bike riding (as it has car driving) into a very special experience.

The BMW bike collection has been given a makeover for spring 2016 with the help of revised designs and cutting-edge technical components. New colour shades, for example, add a stunning finish to the new BMW Cruise Bike and the BMW Cruise M Bike, while the BMW Cruise e-Bike impresses with an even more powerful proposition (thanks to its 400-Wh battery) and a top speed with electrical pedal assistance of 25 km/h (16 mph).

All the above models come with larger wheels (now 28 inches) and an additional frame size (S – from 160 cm, M – from 175 cm, L – from 185 cm). For the youngest members of the BMW fan family, BMW has also created a perfect option: the BMW Cruise Bike Junior.

The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition is available at selected BMW retail partners.

BMW Introduces Special Edition Bike To Commemorate Launch Of The M2 Coupe
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The models in the BMW bike collection and its matching equipment (e.g. helmets, mudguards, locks and rucksacks) are available online at

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