Beginning last November 6 and ending today, November 9, BMW hosted a unique family activity at the Welt Center: build a BMW X1 out of LEGO blocks.

Yes; LEGO blocks.

As another ingenious product of BMW’s ‘Joy’ campaign, the car maker has invited families and children anywhere from age five and above to participate in building a full-scale X1 from 2,000 LEGO blocks, where, as part of Beamer’s CSR initiative, each LEGO block used in the event will correlate to a sum of money BMW will donate to the Munich Children’s Foundation.

As soon as the unconventional build is finished, the LEGO BMW X1 will be proudly displayed by the company alongside real life Beamers on the grounds of the BMW Welt Plaza.

The finished product

And if things start to get too complicated, educationally trained staff will help you with the construction – which will carried out according to an exact plan. The finished BMW X1 made of LEGO® bricks will then stand proudly as a real eye-catcher among the BMW automobiles on the BMW Welt Plaza.


Source: BMW Blog

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  (515) posted on 01.4.2010

It’s good for families out there to try this mini activity where your kids will learn a lot of things about construction(well it seems like a promotion of BMW to consider their cars to be a family-friendly car). My son is forcing me to go there, he loves lego a lot.

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