• BMW is giving Lexus a run for its money in the U.S. sales charts

Ever since the new millennium began, there was one manufacturer that has held the title of number one luxury brand in America. That, of course, is Lexus. Toyota’s luxury line has obliterated any would-be contender for the top spot for the longest time – including perennial bridesmaids, BMW - and it has done so with relative ease. But with the numbers through the first eight months of 2009, it seems that that BMW is finally making some ground on Lexus and could – by the end of the year – dethrone its chief rival from the lofty perch it has held for years on end.

As of August 2009, Lexus is separated by only 2,293 vehicles from BMW – the closest its ever been n years – and with BMW posting ‘stronger’ sales for much of the year compared to Lexus, Toyota’s luxury line is in danger of falling into second place. Of course, we can’t give full credit to BMW for their ascent because we know the global economic crisis has played the biggest part in the reversal of fortunes of Lexus and BMW. Just to get things straight; both BMW and Lexus have been hit by the economic crisis hard, with sales of both brands suffering as a result. But it just so happens that Lexus has experienced the bigger drop in sales compared to BMW (40% to 28%) and that figure alone has constituted to BMW besting Lexus in 2009.

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Then again, the number one spot is still far from a sure thing for BMW, especially after Lexus posted a stronger sales showing in August. Whatever the case may be, the battle for top luxury sales figures to go down the wire this year, a surprising development considering that Lexus has dominated the field since God-knows-when.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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  (868) posted on 09.9.2009

What Lexus really needs is to make the F-Sport chassis/suspension upgrades standard on the IS 350/350C models. Only when equipped with these expensive options does the IS’s performance match that of the 3-series or G line, but ordering them puts it out of the Infiniti and Bimmer’s price range.

And Lexus, don’t say that they are optional because it would compromise luxury in the name of performance. With larger sedans such as the GS and LS that is perfectly understandable, but in the 300 plus horsepower sport-compact market, handling ability is more inportant to buyers than luxury.

  (1022) posted on 09.9.2009

Lexus needs more sport cars and more options.

BMWM6  (486) posted on 09.9.2009

yeah like long ago when they had that ball bearing advertisments that won so much awards

BMWM6  (868) posted on 09.9.2009

Lexus needs better advertisments.

BMWM6  (486) posted on 09.9.2009

wasnt BMW beating lexus in the first three month of the year

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