• BMW Isn’t Going to Abandon Gas-Drinking Engines Anytime Soon

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It was earlier this week that Audi decided it’s time to call it a day on new combustion engines development, pledging to focus on electrification and improving its current ICE range to abide by emissions standards. BMW, however, looks to be taking a different route as Munich is not yet ready or willing to part ways with the ICE.

The news comes via a tweet posted by CNBC’s Phil LeBeau quoting BMW CEO Oliver Zipse, who says that “BMW has no plans to stop developing internal combustion engines because demand for ICE vehicles will remain robust for many years to come.”

Oliver Zipse’s statement comes at a time when emissions regulations are getting stricter and stricter. What is more, BMW has been one of the leading carmakers taking the necessary steps to develop hybrid and EVs, so it would be interesting to see how the Bavarians plan on mixing the two approaches.

At the time of writing, BMW’s range comprised of pure-electric cars such as the iX3 and i3, with the upcoming i4 and iX SUV hot on their trails.

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At the same time, BMW cannot turn its back on the rich heritage that helped the company reach today’s status. That is why we still get ICE-powered BMWs like the new M3, M4, and M5. Obviously, Zipse believes that a balance can be struck between these gas-guzzlers and their green peers. This way, BMW can keep its hands in two pies, which can only mean one thing – more profit.

The real question, however, is how long will this work? More and more countries are set on banning new ICE-powered cars entirely or partially in the coming decade and companies that still want to keep a connection to the old days might be forced to adapt to survive.

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We don’t think BMW will have troubles doing that, which makes us believe that they’re just looking to enjoy the fossil fuel bandwagon while it lasts.

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