Either its been a slow couple of months at BMW’s M Gmbh division – highly unlikely – or the company’s racing program is just venturing into new ways on how to give customers a variety of options to choose from. From sports production cars to SUVs and crossovers, BMW M his now introducing the latest line in model in their ever-growing portfolio: the M Bike Carbon Racer.

Yep, BMW M has just launched its first-ever racing bicycle.

Before your curiosities set in, understand that this isn’t just an ordinary performance bicycle. For starters, it’s made by BMW. Likewise, the materials used in the bike aren’t exactly what you’d consider cheap-grade. There’s plenty of lightweight carbon fiber used in the bike, including the overall frame, which, according to BMW is corrosion-free. In addition to the anthracite-finished carbon fiber frame, the Carbon Racer also has Shimano Ultegra gears and weighs just a little over 7 kilos.

Adding some more aesthetic touches are colored accents on the rims, handlebar grips, and saddle inlay, all of which have been painted with BMW’s unmistakable M red finish.

Something tells us that this bike, whenever it does go on sale – BMW promised it to be out in the middle of this year – will generate plenty of interest from the bicycle-riding population of this world, including us.


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  (21) posted on 03.29.2011

A bike from BMW. No wonder if it is priced high. Even the features like carbon body and others, a bike is a bike. I don’t think these car manufactures should enter in to these sectors too. at least leave these to small players.

  (25) posted on 03.29.2011

A bicycle from BMW !! Guys its not a joke, they must have made their mark on their new venture. Even if everyone cant own a BMW (car) now can proudly own a BMW (bicycle). I would be eagerly waiting for this to enter the market.

  (570) posted on 03.24.2011

Hey, did they say that they will be putting this one for production? I am sure that a lot of folks would be lining up to buy this one if it does go on sale.

  (466) posted on 03.23.2011

This one is definitely one awesome looking bike, which is not surprising, since it was made by the guys at BMW. Wonder what they would come up with next. \

  (402) posted on 03.23.2011

Sooner or later, we’ll be having a manufacturer’s championship in bike racing, much like that in F1. And the contenders? McLaren, BMW, Ferrari, etc.

  (559) posted on 03.22.2011

This is actually one of the better looking bikes that I have seem from all those that have been released by some car makers. It is more on the performance rather than the looks.

  (398) posted on 03.22.2011

Well, for a bike this actually looks good. And rather interesting too, since it is developed by BMW. Though I am still curious as to why they suddenly moved to bikes.

  (858) posted on 03.21.2011

Well, the bike actually looks rather nice. I wonder if BMW is going to sell this individually or package it with some of their vehicles. These would surely look great on the bike mount that they offer with some of the SUV’s

  (528) posted on 03.21.2011

pointless! It’s just a ordinary bike and nothing good in its feature! And I bet that bike would be pricey! Lastly, i don’t understand why does the bike doing in the car section?

  (579) posted on 03.21.2011

OK, so what’s up with these companies releasing their own bikes all of a sudden? Bikes are indeed a good alternative to cars, but I don’t understand why automakers would release on that is certainly going to cost almost the same as some of their car models.

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